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Meg Steel (megsteel@glenkensbb.co.uk)
Date:Sun 26 Nov 2006 19:16:06 GMT
Subject:Day care

When my husband died a year ago my main concern about going back to work was putting our dog, Spud into kennels - he had never been away from Jim or my side but for the odd half day. After several calls locally, which left me feeling more devasted, I got through to Vera and was instantly reassured. At first it was really difficult leraving him, but Vera and Norman told me he would settle ....... and he did! Now when he arrives in a morning his tail wags as he see Norman or Vera and this has helped me with a difficult situation. Both Vera and Norman are flexible with when I leave and collect Spud, they walk him three times a day - he is happy with them and I am happy to leave him - many thanks both - you are stars!
Meg %26 Spud


Christine (kevin.n.christine@msn.co.uk)
Date:Mon 29 Jan 2007 14:59:40 GMT

Norman and Vera,

Just want to say thanks for taking Boston in in such short notice so many times. He loves staying with you and we feel totally at ease leaving him. You obviously put lots of effort in to making the dogs feel relaxed as Boston seems to get very excited every time he arrives at your door!

He will be seeing you again in a few weeks!

Christine %26 Kevin


Irene Shearer (blackeye07@btinternet.com)
Date:Tue 27 Feb 2007 21:52:50 GMT

My dogs are always very happy at the kennels - and they really do get lots of walks, more than when they're at home.
I never worry about them when they're at Auchincruive.
Irene Shearer


Fiona and Mike (fiona@meitza.co.uk)
Date:Wed 07 Mar 2007 12:36:48 GMT
Subject:Thank you

Many thanks for looking after all of 7 dogs while we were on holiday in December. They all enjoyed their first ever trip to boarding kennels and certainly enjoyed being walked every day.


Val and Roger Perman (val.perman@yahoo.co.uk)
Date:Thu 08 Mar 2007 10:36:44 GMT
Subject:Two very happy dogs and happy owners

We have just booked our dogs in for two return visits this year as we were so delighted with the individual care and attention you gave them last year and with the amount of exercise they had. When I picked the dogs up after our holiday last year I was amazed that Molly was so relaxed with you as she generally takes ages to accept people other than family members. Also we knew she must have had a lot of exercise as she's a very energetic dog and needs exercise to keep her happy. Tiger must have been in his element with all those swallows to chase in your enclosed field so he will be really excited when he sees you again and realises he can have all that fun all over again. The dogs were absolutely fine when they got home whereas the previous year after their stay in another kennels they were wild and not like their normal selves for days afterwards.

We live 40 miles away so it is quite a long drive but we feel it's definitely worth it means we can go away without feeling guilty and we can relax on our own holiday knowing that the dogs will be happy with you.


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